Saturday, October 31, 2009

Plzz..don't emotional

What r u 1st thinking when saw the title? i'm emotional, someone in sad mood or someone in happy mood...

Let's we read to know what is related to the title

One day, at an unpopular hospital (Kerutuks Hospital)* there are 3 people are working. Let's called them Headbox*, Hanger* and Pen*..(*name must be changed for certain reason..)

Scene 1

Pen: Sis Headbox it is already 12 o'clock. it is time for measure vital signs
Headbox: Ok Pen..

Then, headbox went to take client's vital signs..

After arrive at room ABC

Scene 2

Headbox: hello, may i check your mother vital signs
Chaos: ok

then after 3 minutes..

Headbox: ok your mother BP is 105/51 PR is 77 and T is 36.8.
Chaos: what?! The BP is too low. Is it the reason why my mother is always sleeping from this morning? can u explain this..just now i'm try to wake up my mother but no reaction from her...can u do something?
Headbox: moment please. need to ask Pen to look for it.

Then, headbox was looking for Pen

Scene 3

At the moment, pen is busy with some emergency neonate case which need to transfer to another popular hospital (Popular for free charge).

Headbox: Pen, can u see ABC's BP? her daughter is worried ABC's BP is 105/51. but i think it's look normal because she is sleeping.
Pen: owh just tell the chaos it is ok. Normal for people in sleeping.
Headbox: ok, but later u check with manual ok..

then, headbox went to ABC room

Scene 4
Headbox: pen said it is normal
Chaos: normal?what is normal?my mother never has that value of BP. you think i don't know the value..?
Headbox: She is sleeping now. it's normal people in sleeping has that value of BP.. erm..i'll ask Pen to check the BP again immediately..

Scene 5
Headbox: Pen..better u check the BP immediately. Chaos is not satisfied u said the BP is normal..
Pen: ok.

belum sempat pen want to check..

Chaos: mother is unconscious..look i'm already said the BP is too low. but u don't believe me..normal..normal...what is normal if my mother is not conscious...

then, Pen catch manual BP with steto n ask Headbox to bring glucometer.

Scene 6
Pen: auntie...auntie..(ABC opened her left eye, then closed back). Headbox, pls check her CBS. (sambil mengepam spigmo).

dalam hati pen...120/70..ok je.tulah guna dinamap bknnya betul.

Pen:Headbox the CBS?
Headbox: 12.6

Hanger: Pen, u dah call MO? (sambil kelam kabut nak pasang oxygen pada ABC. padahal ABC not showing signs of apnea or SOB. but it's good..for precautions..)
Pen: not yet. ok

after that MO pun, reaction. then pinch sket at ibu lah sedar..sedar2 plak tu cam terkejut..ala..ala kita terkejut kalau lena tidur time lecturer ngajar kt depan, pastu lecturer tu shout our name...

MO: why u are not conscious auntie.?
ABC: i think i'm dreaming..

Pen inside her heart..talking to herself.."kan orang dh kata patient BP dia ok..nothing to be worried..wat kecoh je Chaos". sambil pasang telinga Chaos tgh ngumpat pasal Pen and headbox kat salah sorg kwn dia yg tiba2 je muncul.

.ok when u look through the story, nak cerita apa sbnrnya..

entahla nk cerita pasal apa..actually from this story a lot of pengajaran yang kita blh amik..

  1. do not believe dinamap..kalau dinamap menunjukkan BP is low, kita pn kenalah critical thinking sket.tgk keadaan patient. tgh watpe..logik ke BP low, then check again with manual. slh pen jgk kat sini sbb xamik quick reaction check again with manual
  2. Chaos..don't make chaos lah..slh sorg her sibling said dr pg lg her mother is sleeping. pastu knape dr td x panggil dh thu maknya xsedar.why want to relate with BP? do not await until something u regret happen
  3. if you call the patient and no respond, give pain stimulation. eg: pinch the thumb nail or compress sternum with ur thumb.

after the incident, pen feel want to clarify the BP with consultant yg rawat ABC that she ask to attend . the consultant pun kata ok..siap kata, the family is too emotional..what chaos je. you should not believe dinamap. (kerana paginya consultant dh cek BP dia with manual, ok je...127/76). consultant then charge rm200 (sbnrnya rm500 tp because of Pen make face n ask why so mahal, then he reduce)

after that,the MO explain ABC family regarding the BP. he said 105/51 is still normal.

yg Pen xpuas ati..masa MO explain pandai cover sis is too emotional. u are from medic line, so you know what is the right, but my sis is not so, that's why he become like that..pastu blkg dia bilang the MO just want to cover Pen..n chaos ask her friend ( a doctor) said 105/51 is low.

hang nak thu, xde je mana2 doc nk bela others staff kt situ...n kalau kawan dia tu pndai sgt, srh jelah kwn dia tu rawat dia punya know what, we know how our equipment work,

when heard about this story, teringat satu cerita HOUSE MD..

A story about 13 y.o children with intersex. the parent ask him to do MRI.then he said "who needs med school when you get wi-fi". then i want to said "who needs hospital when you get a doctor's friend"

At the end of the house ep, Dr, House said "this all your parents fault. because of your idiocy, i do an MRI. it was your freaked-out overprotectiveness..."

and i hope Pen said," is your idiocy, kena pggl consultant dtg, kn dh kena charge emergency call for with my pure heart, i make face and ask the consultant to reduce to rm200 only. you should thank me ok..not ckp3x buruk about me.."

p/s: nobody fault's
good hypocrite. when u feel anger to someone, still smile k..

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