Sunday, August 01, 2010

its all about madness

in our life, kiter slalu mgharap ade someone yg btol2 special come into our life, and truely love us rite?
same goes to me. hrap sgt, one day, ade org yg btol2 syg i and willing to do anything for me.
and for sure, i will love him back with all my heart. only him~

dr kecik, i slalu xpwas ati wif certain person dat married wif their ownchoice/lover although ader someone else yg btol2 sygkn dorg, and much much better than their lover. tp nk bwat mcm mner an, klo hati dh sker.
and last2, dey ols xdela hepi mner. and if dey ols married wif the other one, for sure hepi. (actually salah ni, sbb i cant predict wuts going to happen rite?)

rmai yg willing to get married wif their beloved person although dat person xdela bgos sgt. just dorg ade falsafah yg agak nonsense bg i.."susah, biar lah smer2 susah..senang, biar lah smer2 sng.."
y not u juz got married on someone dat can make u hepi..i mean, yg bole mnjamin mse depan u ols?
~its all because "dlm hati ade cinta"

so, up until now, i set my mind..not to follow my rational..and make a rite choice.
(thats y im too choosy..hehe)
so dat, u are not going to suffer in ur future..


is it rite?
pretending dat u love dat person,.and the truth is..u are not love em..
can u lie to ur own heart..and pretend to be hepi wif em?
and inside..bleeding..u hurt..

and disebabkn pndapat i yg xsure btol ker x ni..

tell me..

shud i proceed?

*copycat from rasa mmg sama apa yg di rasa dlm diri ini...

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